A selection of various articles I've written that have appeared in publications or online. They are available either to be viewed online here on my site, and many are available as a Adobe PDF file for viewing or that you may download for your perusal later. ~Jo-Anne

2016 Dentistry Today Leader

I'm so thrilled and proud to be named in this prestigious list again this year. 

2016 Dentistry Today Continuing Education Leader

Ms. Jones has become a well recognized international speaker bringing life, energy, and inspiration to her presentations. She is also a consultant, author and successful entrepreneur. She is president of a practice management and clinical training company as her career continuing to evolve as a motivational speaker. She is a sought after writer for leading dental journals and publications including Dentistry Today, Dental Hygiene Today, Oral Health, Oral Hygiene, and RDH Magazine. Her frank and open style of lecturing complemented by the provision of clinical resources has earned many loyal followers. Ms. Jones has been described as a very dynamic, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker with an ability to powerfully communicate her knowledge. She was selected as one of Dental Product Report’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry last year and joins the Dentistry Today Leaders in Continuing Education for the sixth consecutive year. The editors of PennWell publications selected her article entitled, “Sex and Oral Health: What’s the Connection?” as “The Most Important Dental Story Published” focused on the rising incidence of HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer.

Acknowledgements: Article from Dentistry Today - November 2015.


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