Cleaning Teeth vs. Saving Lives….It’s Your Choice

It is time to put our words into action and recognize our role in reducing inflammation and sustaining overall health for our dental patients. Our time is NOW to take our practice and patient’s health to the next level.

Lecture Synopsis:

The quest for optimal health supported by the attainment of oral health and reduction of chronic inflammation is gaining attention. The oral-systemic link conceptually is not new, however the reduction of the burden of chronic inflammation has become a benchmark of healthcare delivery. Long running, ongoing chronic disease such as periodontal disease tips the body’s balance towards chronic systemic inflammation. The dental hygienist is optimally situated as a ‘first responder’ to the oral cavity situated at the portal of entry and the gateway to systemic health. Our actions and assessment as a critical stakeholder dictate treatment outcomes, and strongly influence both the quality and quantity of life of every patient seated in our treatment room. We have the ability and the ethical responsibility to change lives through the power of our message and the science of our treatment. Our time is NOW to take our practice and patients’ health to the next level.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the biological pathways of periodontal disease and its capability of initiating disesase states within the body
  • Understand the role and influence of the dental hygienist in risk intervention strategies
  • Customize chairside and self-care strategies to effectively minimize inflammation
  • Empower the patient through the provision of resources to understand the oral systemic connection and elevate treatment acceptance

About the Presenter:

As an international, award-winning speaker, Jo-Anne Jones has done over 1,000 presentations worldwide. Jo-Anne brings life, energy, inspiration, and a dynamic speaking style that has made her a sought-after lecturer in the dental community. Jo-Anne joins the 2024 Dentistry Today CE Leaders for the 14th consecutive year, a previous DPR Top 25 Women in Dentistry honoree, and is a 2021 Fellowship Award recipient with the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics. Jo-Anne has dedicated her professional life to empowering her colleagues to make a profound impact on the lives of every patient they encounter. As a passionate advocate for oral health, our speaker’s genuine passion for oral health shines through in her enthusiastic approach to education. Jo-Anne’s signature is knowledge translation direct to practice facilitating true change on Monday morning. Prepared to be inspired and motivated to create a positive impact on transforming lives.

Session Reviews:

“Current evidence-based presentation. Empowering.”

“Jo-Anne was very enthusiastic about the topic and really kept your attention throughout the whole lecture! She read the room well and interacted with the audience perfectly! Lots of insightful advice throughout.”

“Loved the information she shared and how she delivered it. Great speaker, never disappoints.”

“She is a phenomenal speaker, keeps everyone interested and uses some humor as well. Great information, I would happily attend another lecture by her in the future. Would recommend to all hygienists.”

Book Jo-Anne for your event:

Contact Jo-Anne for a complete list of speaking topics and further information. 905•719•4166 or by email.


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